Oxygen Bottle Carts

Airport GSE Oxygen Bottle Carts

No more being stuck in the hangar when it’s time to refill your cabin oxygen bottles. With our Wilcox GSE Bottle Cart, you can now safely fill them on the ramp or aircraft side. The Bottle Cart features an onboard explosion containment chamber, making the process safe, efficient, and portable. You won’t believe how much easier your job will be with this game-changing piece of equipment.

Looking for custom-built aviation ground support equipment, like our Oxygen Bottle Carts? Look no further than Wilcox GSE – your top source for custom-built Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in Canada. Our GSE equipment meets global standards, and we even have our own higher standard that we live by – The Wilcox Standard. And don’t forget, we supply our Ground Support Equipment Worldwide.

Oxygen Tank Carts

Oxygen Bottle Carts

  • Steel or Aluminum construction
  • Explosion containment box
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Ergonomic 5th wheel style axle and tow bar (meets IATA standards)
  • Easy 360 degree turning
  • Tow bar actuated braking system
  • Pivoting bottle platform
  • Dual bottle latching system
  • Integrated base pocket
  • Easily changeable wheels, spindles, hubs, towbar, curtain
  • Grounding reel
  • Aluminum checkerplate storage chest
  • Paint or powder coat finish (custom colours available)
  • Available in 2 (BC2) or 4 (BC4) bottle systems
Oxygen Tank Carts


Our explosion containment system is truly unique and has been designed with user safety in mind. In the unlikely event of a bottle rupture during filling, our system is built to contain all shrapnel internally and direct any blast energy through the base downward, ensuring your peace of mind. We never compromise on user safety, so you can feel confident and secure with our product.


With our Oxygen Bottle Cart, filling up to 4 full-sized oxygen bottles at once is a breeze, no matter where you are on the ramp or apron. Plus, swapping out empty bottles is just as easy with our gravity neutral pivoting platform. Lightweight and built to perform, the Wilcox GSE Oxygen Bottle Cart is a must-have addition to your ground support equipment fleet.


At Wilcox GSE, we take safety seriously. That’s why our Explosion Containment Chamber is designed to protect you in case of any mishaps during the refilling of cabin oxygen bottles. Our expert engineers have designed a system that greatly reduces the risk of personal injury. The chamber is equipped with two 1-inch-thick perforated plates, which act as a barrier between you and the filling bottle. With our system in place, you can focus on getting the job done without any worries.

Oxygen Bottle Carts

At Wilcox GSE, we know that your work on the ramp demands equipment that’s built tough. That’s why our 4-Oxygen Bottle Cart is designed to make your job easier and safer. With a locking and pivoting platform, operators can easily and safely add or remove oxygen tanks while keeping them in an upright position. The tubular steel frame is built to last, and tanks are secured with a formed steel bracket and dual wing nut lock.

We also understand the importance of keeping your tools and equipment secure and easily accessible. That’s why we’ve included a locking aluminum checker plate chest mounted at the front of the cart for all your necessary tools.

Oxygen Bottle Carts
Oxygen Bottle Carts

Inside the checker plate box, you’ll find a double-walled, 1″ steel plate rupture containment chamber. This safety feature is designed to protect you in the worst-case scenario of a bottle failure. Our unique system is built to contain any shrapnel and direct blast energy away from the operator and aircraft.

We want to ensure your oxygen bottles have a smooth ride, so our Oxygen Bottle Cart comes standard with pneumatic tires, our only cart that does. Trust Wilcox GSE to provide you with the highest quality equipment for your aviation ground support needs.

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