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Listen up, folks – we’re Wilcox GSE and we’re all about making top-notch ground support equipment for aircraft. We’re talking totally custom-built solutions that are tailor-made for your specific needs.
We’ve got all sorts of cool stuff, like Airport Baggage Carts, Tire Carts, Propeller Maintenance Stands, Oxygen Bottle Carts, Aviation Toolboxes, and even custom Airport Ground Support Vehicles. And get this – everything we make is hand-crafted out of sturdy aluminum and steel by certified welders and installers. No shortcuts or shoddy workmanship here, folks.
If you need top-quality aviation ground support equipment, look no further than Wilcox GSE Canada. We’ve got you covered.

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We’re Wilcox GSE, and we’re shaking things up in the Ground Support Equipment Industry. We’re all about pushing the boundaries through innovation and holding ourselves to a higher standard of excellence. But you know what’s really cool? We actually got our start as a division of Wilcox Bodies Ltd. – a company that’s been creating custom equipment for all sorts of industries (think Rail, Mining, and Marine) since way back in 1962. Needless to say, we’ve got some serious experience under our belts.

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If you're looking for a leader in aviation ground support equipment, look no further than Wilcox GSE.


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